These Girls Love Diesel Trucks Every Guy Must See!!


Some ladies choose vehicles based on what’s practical for their current stage of life, or what they think looks fashionable. But a lot of girls love trucks, and for these women, considering anything else for their next purchase would seem like a compromise!

The history of automobiles is very interesting. Throughout the years, so many design choices for vehicles have changed drastically, from the overall shape of the vehicle to the number of doors and even the overall design language. Cars have seen one of the largest changes, varying from coupes to sedans and from hatchbacks and to wagons. There are very many variations and many design iterations that auto manufacturers have followed in different time periods.

Back in the day, bigger was better. Massive cars shaped like boats were cruising down the street and it definitely conveyed a message that these are how cars are supposed to be. Later, cars tended to be more boxy in shape; then, they adopted more of a round appearance; and today, cars are looking more aggressive and aerodynamic. Pickup trucks on the other hand, have stayed very similar in design language, and definitely follow the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Pickup trucks always follow similar style language with a cabin featuring 2 or 4 doors and a flatbed with plenty of space. The design hasn’t been touched for ages and remains the same to this day. Trucks have also remained quite big throughout the years because they were built for the working man who needed to carry a bunch of material to and from work.

Trucks have been associated with being a man’s vehicle but over the years, more and more women have taken to driving these behemoths, something that is definitely very welcome. Vehicles don’t have gender roles and these 20 women in pickup trucks definitely prove that things are changing in the world.



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