Kenworth Trucks Are The World’s Best Diesel Trucks

Every truck enthusiast knows that it's not only the sleek design and look of the truck that matters however in fact the nut and bolt operations and the service that goes with it. When one is talking of the world's best trucks it is but natural that the easy and elegant red and silver bug logo of the Kenworth truck arrived at mind. The name means fine quality, for life. It has always been desire to of the business to produce trucks of quality that provide the most effective use to the trucker and his company.

The semi truck manufacturer was founded in 1923 and features a long and rich history. The name Kenworth is a variety of the names of the partners, Fredrick Kent and Edgar Worthington. The company is a pioneer in the trucking industry and has always stepped ahead to produce better trucks utilizing the most modern technology. In 1933 Kenworth became the very first trucking company to change from gasoline to diesel engines and in 1957 it produced the very first cab-over-engine model. In more recent times the Kenworth trucks have used state-of-the-art aerodynamics to give them an edge over other trucks.The long nose W900 model has been typically the most popular Kenworth over the years is the most well-liked choice of owner operators. The T300, T600, T660, T800 and the T2000 will also be popular models.

A subsidiary of PACCAR, the business manufactures semi-trucks, medium and heavy-duty class 8 trucks. Kenworth trucks have now been featured in many films such as for instance in'Smokey and the Bandit ', James Bond's'License to Kill'and'A Fountain for Susan 2 '. They've also starred in TV series such as for instance'18 Wheels of Justice ','Movin'On'and'BJ and the Bear. The cartoon series M.A.S.K also used a Kenworth W-900 and was even a part of its logo.

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